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Ikaya source specific artwork to compliment the style of furnishings in the home. They are chosen not for their “wow factor” (although many pieces do achieve this) but to provide a pleasing finishing touch to the furnishings. All prints silk screens and water colours are framed whereas original oils may be block mounted if preferred.

Ikaya source their prints internationally and are not available in Thailand. They are chosen for their particular theme and earthy tones with splashes of colour and even gold leaf accents.

The silk screens are produced locally by a well-known artist and are ideal to enhance the Asian theme of your home.

The Oil paintings are reproduced by a number of local artists taking inspiration from classic pieces and adding modern, Asian and abstract elements to provide a unique piece.


funky dancers


global tribal art
contemporary monastic


Stylised Bhuddah
Monastic profile gold ***


International Abstract
International Abstract


Contemporary oil
Contemporary oil


Oil Painting by local artist
Asian Abstract


Masai ***
African Paint


Classic Monks


Phuket Artist Classic Style
Phuket Artist Classic Style










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