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Thai Hand Craft:

The Thais have a very strong creative culture, which is best demonstrated through the regional handcrafts produced throughout the country. With the government One Tambon (district) One product initiative, there is a fantastic selection of home wares that can be sourced to compliment your home.

Ikaya have dealings with a number of producers and are able to bring these into your home as part of the furnishings packages.

These include lamps in teak, silk and mango wood, Vases, trays and storage containers in bamboo, Lumpur, rubber and other exotic woods. We have access to top quality Vietnamese and Burmese laquer ware and hand carved figurines from Laos, Burma and Cambodia many with Buddhist or Asian themes.


Objects to reflect your style
Finishing Touches


Art, Lamps, Cushions
Bamboo & Silk Products


Silk Cushions, mango wood bowls  


Safes, coat hangings
  Bamboo inlaid mango wood accessories


Small silk moon lamp
Large silk moon lamp


Silk mango wood monolith lamp
Big Silk "bottle lamp"


Teak/terracotta ****
Mango wood vases


Mango/Bamboo trays
Bamboo inlaid Mango wood trays


Rolled bamboo plattens, rice caddies


Hand *** Monastic images


Vietnamese Laquerware
  Bamboo, Laquerware, Mango wood ***













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